Child Education Sponsorship program

We partner with Schools and orphanage homes to help pair kids, whose parents can´t afford their school fees and school essential, with a family or individual who sponsors them on a monthly basis.

Your support of € 20 or ₦ 5,000 per month provides life-changing opportunities such as:

  • an opportunity to attend or stay in school
  • School Textbooks and essentials
  • School uniform, bag and shoes etc.

The school year in Nigeria is divided into three Trimesters and each child needs approximately € 80 or ₦  20,000 per Trimester.

  • Back to School Project

Our Back-to-School project takes place once a year in September, we provide School Essentials and offer Scholarships to students.

Women Empowerment initiative

Women constitute a large percentage of the poor in many African societies. Thus, the empowerment of women is crucial for eradicating poverty at large. Accessibility to education, jobs and attaining financial stability will break the cycle of poverty and at the same time contribute immensely to the growth of the countries economy.

We plan on building Skill Training Centers, where women in neighboring communities and the community we are planted in could get trained in different skills such as Tailoring, Fabrik design, Accessories design, Farming, IT, etc. and mentored.

We also plan on partnering with local Artisan Businesses that share our passion for issues affecting women to help create dignified jobs for women and also develop their businesses through fair trade and empowering them to grow sustainably.

Our Programs:

  • Adult education
  • Free Daycare services with working Mothers
  • Free After school programs for Kids from less privilege homes
  • Creating Employment opportunities for women
  • Mentoring program etc.

Community Outreach Event/Initiatives

Our Community Outreach Initiatives helps meet immediate needs of Families in poor communities. This takes Place during Christmas time.